Debossed Silicone Wristbands:The most popular wristbands, bracelets style.The message or logo are recessed/engraved into the wristbands, it is simple and remarkable finish wristbands style.

Embossed Wristbands: The message or logo are raised (stand up) on the wristbands.

Color fill in Wristbands: Like Debossed Finish Wristbands, but the message or logo are fill with color paint, this make the message or logo different colors from the wristbands.

Silk printed Wristbands: The designs are printed on the surface of wristbands, with this kind of finish, the very details can be make on to the wristbands.

Off-Set Printed Wristbands: The finish of the bands just like a photo,

Color Coated Wristbands: Also call dual layer silicone bracelets, Two layer silicone rubber bands. We cover a different color on the plain wristbands, then engraving the design on the wristbands, the original color of the bands show through with the design. This is a very eye-catching wristbands.

Figured Wristbands: With this kind of wristbands, you can custom the shape of the bands you want. Watch face, Heart Shape, Etc.

Finger Bands: Thumb bands.

Thin Wristbands: Micro Wristbands, same as our other normal wristbands, just the width is smaller. The width of thin bands are usually 5mm , 6mm wide.

Finish can be Debossed, Embossed, Silk screen Pirnted, Color fill in .

Swriled Wristbands: Swirled Silicone Wristbands (Marbleized Silicone Bracelets, Mixed-color Bracelets) are different silicone color mix then become one wristband. This special mix color style is similar to camouflage pattern. You can choose this style for customized troops military support.

Segmented Wristsbands: Multi-color silicone Wristband / segmented silicone wristband / colorful multi colored silicone armbands / color split wristband) is the silicone bracelet with different colours segmented into one wristband that is eye-catching and fashoionable. Not confined in only two colors, sky”s the limit. You can choose multiple colors printed on the band to make it more colorful like a rainbow. We can make any text font/logo and any bracelet color for you.

UV Wristbands: The bands’ color will change under the sun-light, can be change to Blue, Purple, Red.

Glow In Dark Wristbands: The bands are luminous in the darkness. Any color can be make as Glow in dark bands, but the band color will being weak/pale with glow in dark finish, the luminous light we offer can be GREEN or BLUE.